We offer a unique touch to our scrapbooks. We provide a (pretty) piece of card stock for your guests to leave a note and attach a print from the photo booth.

We do this for 2 reasons. Guests typically go one way or the other, they want to draw a family tree across 2 pages in the book (this actually happened TWICE at the same wedding by two Aunts on opposite sides of the family). OR they have writer’s block. A standard size controls the crazy Aunts and provides a safe place for the writing challenged.

The guests never touch the actual scrapbook. We keep it in a safe place during the event. Depending on the crowd, we can usually assemble the book before the Bride & Groom depart. On the odd occasionsn assembly takes longer, we send it with the wedding coordinator or parents of the bride or groom.

The day goes by so fast. The next day there are snippets of moments that pass thru your mind. But the scrapbook, sigh, it’s just a wonderful way to remember the people who were there, see a silly side of them, and a glimpse into the fun they had at your wedding. It’s just amazing to flip thru!

Like everything else we do, we provide everything from soup to nuts for the scrapbook including: the book, glue sticks, markers/pens, scissors, etc.

If you prefer to provide your own scrapbook, we will encourage guests to participate and can even provide a shopping checklist. However, we will not manage the scrapbook space or assemble it.