Once we get thru Steps 1-3 on the Contact Us page, there’s MORE decisions to make. Relax, this is the fun stuff. In fact, you just say, “I can’t make any more decisions. Make it awesome.” We can do that too!

Our booth can be set up Open or Closed.
Open booths are trending.  Closed booths are a bit more nostalgic and provide privacy to get silly but limit the number of guests in each photo.
We are getting to the fun stuff now! We love to personalize the prop selections, so the more we know about you, the better the props will be. Our props are displayed in a neat and organized way. We don’t care for the messy prop table look.

Handheld signs are trending. We have sets for weddings, social media, western theme, too many to list!

We have traditional boas and glasses, conservative hats such as fedoras, bowlers, top hats and sombreros.
We have super sill hats such as crowns, fuzzy creatures, medusa, etc and of course over sized glasses. Everyone looks amazing in over-sized glasses!
We have sets of Super Heroes, Village People, and Every day Heroes.

Click HERE for samples.

The backdrop can be another character in the photo or just the subtle touch that compliments the faces and the print design. The options are limitless.
Click HERE for samples.
This is where the rubber hits the road. The print is the photo keepsake for your guests. This will evoke memories and emotions of the day-forever.
We like to preserve the event. We usually start with a wedding invitation, or any of your papier. We’d love to peek at your website and your pins on Pinterest to match the style, colors and fonts.
All Additional Services are available for additional fees. Please ask about specifics.

Additional print sizes
Prints are available as strips from 2″x6″ to 6″x20″
Pano prints can be horizontal or vertical. Anything from 6″x14″ to 6″x20″ is considered pano
Square prints are available as 6″x6″
We can also do the traditional 4″x6″ and 5″x7″

Scrapbooks are the new guest book. Ours are colorful and fun!

Our Red Carpet package includes the 15′ runner and up to 4 chrome stanchions with burgundy velvet ropes. It is luxurious in person!

Our Green Screen results are AMAZING. We have done this inside, outside (in an event tent), during the day and at night.

Survey or Game in the booth

Social Media, in the booth or from social media stations outside the booth

Hashtag printing stations


Buttons, frames and bookmarks for the print keepsake