Step 1

Tell us about you and your event!

Step 2

Next step is to brainstorm with us.

Honestly, a phone call is best so we can have a conversation to figure out if we are a good fit for each other. We CAN do this via email, sometimes it just takes longer and we feel like we are talking to ourselves. Truth:  we do talk to ourselves, but brainstorming is WAY more productive with TWO participating parties.

We can be reached at 970-368-3004.

Step 3

Last step is to Move Forward with the paperwork.

After confirming that we are a match and we know the basic parameters of the event, we write up a Service Agreement. Think of it as a living document. Times and services can be modified as we get closer. You sign it, provide a 50% Reservation Fee and return it to us to Save the Date!

See the Decisions tab for the fun stuff!