Like a lot of mamaprenuer stores, Michelle was looking for a new venture that incorporates her passions-people, technology and integrity.

In the fall of 2011, a friend introduced her to the idea of opening a photo booth business. She took the idea seriously after her husband and daughter came home from a Father Daughter Dance with a print from the photo booth. He told her about the 45 minute wait (with a child… say no more). The photo keepsake was a 4x6 (they expected a traditional 2x6) with 4 photos. The layout was generic. Each photo was 70% black background and 30% faces. She knew she could offer a better experience and keepsake.


We finalized the company in the Spring of 2012 and launched with our first event, the wedding reception for Matt & Shelly Conger on May 12, 2012 at the Lodge in Breckenridge. Michelle was hooked the moment the bride’s aunts used the booth one by one with every prop made of feathers and worked their poses like Glamour Shots! She learned that you NEVER know what someone is going to do in the booth, but they ALWAYS have fun!!!

Since 2012 we have kept up with the trends for the photo booth experience as well as the final products, whether it is the size of the print, the open vs. closed set up, or personalizing the props.


In 2015, Michelle became one of the first brand ambassadors for a photo booth software company. In 2016, Imaging Spectrum recognized Michelle for her positive contributions to the photo booth community by awarding her one of the first Spirit Awards. Michelle continues to participate in online and in person national forums to share her knowledge and success in the photo booth industry.

In 2018 we are adding 2 new booths: a self serve social media station and a beautiful, maple booth made by Michelle’s husband, a professional Luthier. Check back for photos!